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WA produces white grained wheat varieties that generate high flour milling yield and a bright white flour that is suitable for a range of products. The area sown to wheat in WA over the past 20 years has remained relatively stable at between million hectares but over this same period production has increased strongly with improved yields. As a result we are seeing production of million tonnes per annum.

Wheat Classes

Grown under rain-fed conditions WA wheat production can fluctuate from season to season as can be seen in the chart above. Despite this, a recent study of WA wheat producers found almost two thirds of WA farms can be classed as 'growing' or 'strong' due to their use of technology to create economies of scale and their managerial and social characteristics. This market has recently come under pressure from increased competition from low cost producers such as the Black Sea. The department has hosted visiting Japanese noodle manufacturers and flour millers since - a program that has enabled WA to be in tune with Japanese quality expectations of WA noodle wheat varieties.

WA produces white grained wheat varieties that generate a bright white flour and high flour milling yield.

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WA wheat typically has low moisture content, low discolouration and high bulk density and is suitable for a range of products including different breads. WA's dry harvesting environment results in low moisture content and low risk of weather damaged grain.

Classification Applications

There is a wide range of quality specifications among the new lines, ranging from Australian Prime Hard right through to feed quality. On the other hand four cultivars in Guardian, winter wheat Amarok, Hunter and Shenton have been deleted from the list, following consultation with industry over the past couple of seasons.

WQA chairman Don Plowman said the removed varieties constituted a miniscule proportion of the Australian crop. It appears that you are currently using Ad Blocking software. Please consider turning it off to support us.

Wheat Quality: How to increase proteins?

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Keeping Australian wheat number one for Asian noodles - Grain Central

How to talk animal welfare, carbon reduction and deforestation with the bloke on the street. A dairy farming family at Yarram, Vic, has brought forward irrigation investment plans so they can increase pasture growth and improve their lifestyle.

New analysis shows that while South America is taking advantage of Chinese demand, Australia will still fair well.