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The same scientific equipment that guides rockets to the moon is used to make Jose [the macaw host] and his little friends in the Tiki Room sing, talk, move, and practically think for themselves. I guess you could call him a creature of the Space Age! Before the birds took flight as the animated Space Age pioneers, however, the attraction was originally intended to be something quite different than a swinging South Seas show.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Celebrates More Than 55 Years | Disneyland News

Out in the lobby will be an old Chinese fellow like Confucius—not an actor, but a figure. The burgeoning Audio-Animatronics technology had a ways to go before a human figure could be convincingly portrayed—although amazingly, the ultra-sophisticated Great Moments with Mr.

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The birds however came home to roost. Not so coincidentally, Marc was a collector of authentic oceanic art, and he incorporated many genuine details and patterns into his drawings. Imagineer Harriet Burns designed and feathered many of the Enchanted Tiki Room birds, using real feathers. Walt invited his virtuoso tunesmiths, the Sherman Brothers, to view the show. When he asked the songwriting siblings if they had any ideas, they recalled a calypso song they had composed for a Disney TV show about the production of Swiss Family Robinson And Walt bought the idea, just like that.

Additionally, the four famous spokesbirds had yet to be designed. To add a sense of continuity to the show, Richard and Robert suggested that a colorful parrot with a personality serve as emcee. Walt liked the idea so much, he built on their inspiration. Originally, the plumage of the talkative Tiki Room headliners was colored to correspond with their national flags. Besides the four hovering hosts, the revue also features an additional four macaws, six cockatoos, nearly 30 tropical birds, 12 toucans, more than 50 orchids, seven bird-of-paradise flowers, 12 Tiki drummers, and singing Tiki war god totems.

Life, the universe and everything can be discussed in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, because a problem shared is one more people now have. Alun is unhappy that advertisers seem to think he's now in an older demographic group.

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Alex's wife has summed up their 20 year marriage in three beautiful words. Alun hears the 3rd worst thing your teenage daughter can ever say to you.

Alex and Alun notice a new elephant in the room and it's wearing braces. Alex has some useful money saving tips ahead of the festive season. Are Alex and Bob real friends yet, or still just colleagues with benefits? Alex asks if it's OK to dump your spouse over dinner on a cruise, just hypothetically Bob insults Alex and Alex's current wife and most of his family.

Alex and Alun address the peroxide blonde elephant in the room. Bob has a problem with his neighbour's hypoallergenic gender non-binary cat.

The writing is on the wallpaper of Alun's marital home. Surprise tiki treasure from Disneyland. Pele and Barker Parrot. Between the two of us, hopefully we get one! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

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