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The scandals of an innocent the brides of fortune. Achtung haus frau der ultimative ratgeber fr mnner german edition. More than enough the moore men book 1.

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Ebay Listing. Vintage Disney. Disney Concept Art. Goethe's Faust. Princess Zelda. Fictional Characters. From this last the following consequence is drawn, that if a man, endeavouring to kill another, misses his blow and happeneth to kill himself, he is in judgement of law guilty of wilful and deliberate self-murder a. Strange reasoning! A plentiful source of inconclusive reasoning, which prevails greatly during the infancy of the rational faculty, is the making of no proper distinction between strong and weak relations.

But any argument passes current, in support of a proposition that we know beforehand to be true. Supposing Italy to have been tolerably populous, as undoubtedly it was at that period, the 21st of April, or any day of April, might have given birth to thousands. In many countries, the surgeons and barbers are classed together, as members of the same trade, from a very slight relation, that both of them operate upon the human body. Francis I. Finding that the person sent had been convert- Edition: ; Page: [ ] ed to Christianity, the King refused to employ him; as if a Jew were to lose his skill upon being converted to Christianity.

Why did not the King order one of his own physicians to be converted to Judaism? The following childish argument is built upon an extreme slight relation, that between our Saviour and the wooden cross he suffered on.

He appoints wood to be used in sacrificing to him, knowing that our Saviour, fixed to the cross, would bestow immortality upon all his followers. A pinetree is cut down, and used in sacrificing to the mother of the gods. A wooden image of Osiris is buried in sacrificing to Isis.

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A wooden image of Proserpina is bemoaned for forty nights, and then thrown into the flames. Deluded mortals, these flames can do you no service. On the contrary, the fire that is destined for your punishment rages without end. Learn from me to know that divine wood which will set Edition: ; Page: [ ] you free.

A wooden ark saved the human race from the universal deluge. Abraham put wood upon the shoulders of his son Isaac. The wooden rod stretched out by Aaron brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. Wood sweetened the bitter waters of Marah, and comforted the children of Israel after wandering three days without water.

A wooden rod struck water out of the rock. The rod of God in the hand of Moses overcame Amalek.

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The patriarch dreamed, that he saw angels descending and ascending upon a wooden ladder; and the law of God was inclosed in a wooden ark. These things were exhibited, that, as if it were by certain steps, we might ascend to the wood of the cross, which is our salvation. The wood of the cross sustains the heavenly machine, supports the foundations of the earth, and leads men to eternal life.

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The wood of the devil burns and perishes, and its ashes carries down sinners to the lowest pit of hell. The very slightest relations make an impression on a weak understanding. It was a fancy of Anto- Edition: ; Page: [ ] ninus Geta, in ordering his table, to have Edition: current; Page: [ ] services composed of dishes beginning with the same letter; such as lamb and lobster; broth, beef, blood-pudding; pork, plumb-cake, pigeons, potatoes.

The name of John king of Scotland was changed into Robert, for no better reason than that the Johns of France and of England had been unfortunate.


In reasoning, instances are not rare, of mistaking the cause for the effect, and the effect for the cause. It has been slyly urged against the art of physic, that physicians are rare among temperate people, such as have no wants but those of nature; and that where physicians abound, diseases abound.

This is mistaking the cause for the effect, and the effect for the cause: people in health have no occasion for a physician; Edition: ; Page: [ ] but indolence and luxury beget diseases, and diseases beget physicians.

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During the nonage of reason, men are satisfied with words merely, instead of an argument. A sea-prospect is charming; but we soon tire of an unbounded prospect.

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It would not give satisfaction to say, that it is too extensive; for why should not a prospect be relished, however extensive? But employ a foreign term and say, that it is trop vaste, we enquire no farther: a term that is not familiar, makes an impression, and captivates weak reason. This observation accounts for a mode of writing formerly in common use, that of stuffing our language with Latin words and phrases.

These are now laid aside as useless; because a proper emphasis in reading, makes an impression deeper than any foreign term can do. There is one proof of the imbecillity of human reason in dark times, which would scarce be believed, were not the fact supported by incontestible evidence. Instead of explaining any natural appearance by searching for a cause, it has been common to account for it by inventing a fable, which gave satisfaction without enquiring Edition: ; Page: [ ] farther. She was wedded to Daglingar, of the family of the gods.

The universal father took Night and Day, placed them in heaven, and gave to each a horse and a car, that they might travel round the world, the one after the other.

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Night goes first upon her horse named Rimfaxe, [Frosty Mane], who moistens the earth with the foam that drops from his bit, which is the dew. The horse belonging to Day is named Skinfaxe, [Shining Mane], who by his radiant mane illuminates the air and the earth. Zoroaster, by a similar fable, accounts for the Edition: ; Page: [ ] growth of evil in this world. He invents a good and an evil principle named Oromazes and Arimanes, who are in continual conflict for preference.

At the last day, Oromazes will be reunited to the supreme God, from whom he issued.


Arimanes will be subdued, darkness destroyed; and the world, purified by an universal conflagration, will become a luminous and shining abode, from which evil will be excluded. I return to the Edda, which is stored with fables of this kind. The highest notion savages can form of the gods, is that of men endowed with extraordinary power and knowledge. The only puzzling circumstance is, how they differ so much from other men as to be immortal. The Edda accounts for it by the following fable.