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When I came back to the painting the figure was standing in such a way that it looked like something was being pulled.

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Having others looking over my shoulder has both pros and cons. The design and the colors create the feeling of memories. It is very special.

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Walking the good red road — Star Myths of the World

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Journeys Along the Good Red Road

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Good Red Road

Newsletters and our Videos Updated. I liked this painting when I started it some months ago, but it was set aside.

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The inspiration came from a hawk that was reappearing every day on our property to the point that I finally consulted my Medicine Cards to see if there was a message we might be ignoring. The Hawk card talked of getting your nose out of the daily grind and taking an overview of your walk on The Good Red Road of life here on Earth.

Saving Lakota Culture through Song Wanbli Cheya and the Good Red Road

Julie and Quincy, they were sort of like a duo. That was how Wanbli Cheya created his third name, Juq Juke , by combining those names together. Juq met Brandis Knudsen, or B. A member of the Yankton Tribe, B is a hip-hop performer and record producer. Juq stands in front of classrooms in places like Rocky Ford, and he talks about his vision, his hopes and dreams: he talks about Lakota identity, about discovering who you are as a Lakota, and he sings for them, no backup, no instruments, just the power of his voice, the weight of his lyrics, fill the room.


When he sings he somehow transcends his appearance; a slim young man in faded jeans and tread-worn boots, wearing basic black glasses, his raven hair swept back, the artistic whiskers of an artist on his face and neck. He becomes an expression of the Lakota that once were, but have never really gone away, that await a new generation to rediscover and embrace their integrity, honor and values. Juq wants to make a mark as a musician, a singer, and his songs are very personal, and yet universal, speaking viscerally to deeply compelling Lakota experiences and passions.

He has that rare gift in an artist, not just an ability to be polished and professional, not just an ability to deliver a type of music an audience craves—like every gifted songwriter, Juq creates imagery and stories and melodies from nothing. He makes them real, and he is determined to help his people, to make his vision real, to create an internal strength in each individual Lakota that can transform the reservation reality into the harmonious tiospaye it once was, and not by going back to the blanket, but by empowering traditional Lakota culture to carve out a realm in this modern world.

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Jacob Helvick, Wanbli Cheya, Juq, like the characters he invented to cope as a child, all existing harmoniously in the same person, but in this case, each is a healthy, positive adult role models for the next generation of Lakota. So what do we say? To colonies so delusional, So what do we say?