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Kilmarnock Sadness in Kilmarnock as iconic town pub closes its doors to public The Howard Arms at Glencairn Square, on the corner of West Shaw Street and High Glencairn Street, had its final night operating in its current form last night. Top Stories. Glasgow Glasgow teen with five brain tumours hoping to walk again after op left his leg at 40 degree angle Kieran Crighton was left unable to walk, talk, or swallow after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of medulloblastoma in She can't let go of him. Will true love prevail?

Is he really alive or just a memory? She has to move The Fourth book in the series picks up where the third left off. Luna was kidnapped, a new enemy was created, and Fin is hurting. This time we find out if Luna is rescued or not. Rumors of another wedding and an expecting mother are in store for you in the fourth book "The Elves of Jungleland: The Last Stand Part 1".

This time we find ou She was a Hollywood starlet but fortune and fame took its toll on her until she met him. He was from New York; a businessman by day and an actor by night. He swept her off her feet but he hid a secret that could ruin their relationship. Will it ruin this perfect marriage?

Can she look past it? Should he have even told her?

Joe Thissen (Author of Wonderment Before)

What was the secret? He was from New York; a businessman by day and an actor by ni A very naughty nurse who loves sex so much she's willing to kill for it. Will she be caught? Will she get away with murder? Find out in this erotic thriller by Joe Thissen.

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Find out in this erotic th Joe Thissen Arr matey A female pirate adventure awaits you This book leads you on a whirlwind tour across the globe for treasure buried deep with in Join Julie on her adventure Arr matey A female pirate adventure awaits you This book leads you on a whirlwind tour across the globe for treasure buried deep with in Join Jul Joe Thissen This is a auto biography and a self help book all in one.

Joe Thissen Small town love that blooms between two souls, through a few chance meetings they fall in love, move away from each other, and through fate are reunited by a chance meeting at a gas station 4 years later.

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After 25 years of living, heartache, love, and friendship they've become ONE again Small town love that blooms between two souls, through a few chance meetings they fall in love, move away from each other, and through fate are reunit Joe Thissen Book 3 in the series picks up where book 2 left off. Only way to find out what will happen is to read book 3 of the Elves of Jungleland series Book 3 in the series picks up where book 2 left off.

Joe Thissen. He appears to take very great interest in his work, and is sanguine of success. A year later the superintendent T. Ravenshaw, Esq. Captain Johnstone [ xxv ] has very correctly estimated the political importance of education and enlightenment among the hill people, and it is evident that he has worked most judiciously and successfully in this direction. Subsequently, when Captain Johnstone was on leave in England, the Keonjhur despatches show that he sent directions that the increase of his herd of cattle should be distributed gratis among the natives.

They were at first afraid to accept them, hardly believing in the gift. Captain Johnstone was too good a classic not to remember the Roman method of conquering and subduing a province; and as far as funds would permit, he opened out roads and cleared away jungle.

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Although he had lost his father in May, , and his absence from home that year gave him some extra legal expense, he would not quit his work till he could leave it in a satisfactory state; yet the Lieut. The superintendent wrote from Cuttack in his yearly report to the Lieut. He had only a short time previously returned from furlough, and with health half restored, over-tasked his strength in carrying out elephant Khedda work in the deadly jungles of Moburdhunj.

In the spring of , Captain Johnstone was married to Emma Mary Lloyd, with whose family his own had a hereditary friendship of three generations. Her father was at that time M. Their first child, James, died of bronchitis when six months old, and they returned to India a short time afterwards, at which point the experiences begin.

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  6. The third son, Edward, was born at Dunsley Manor, and two younger children in Manipur. Manipur, to which Colonel Johnstone was appointed [ xxvii ] in , was called by one of the Indian secretaries the Cinderella among political agencies. He is surrounded by spies If the Maharajah is not pleased with the Political Agent he cannot get anything—he is ostracised.

    From bad coarse black atta, which the Maharajah sells him as a favour, to the dhoby who washes his clothes, and the Nagas who work in his garden, he cannot purchase anything. Whether this confidence was justified, the following pages will show. Political Department, No. I left England with my wife on November 13th, , and after an uneventful voyage, reached Bombay, December 9th.

    We proceeded at once to Calcutta, where some of my old servants joined me, including two bearers, Seewa and Keptie, wild Bhooyas from the Cuttack Tributary Mehals, whom I had trained, and who had been with me for years in all my wanderings, in that wild territory. Thanks to the kindness of my friends the Bernards now Sir C. My old appointment in Keonjhur had been abolished, and I had to wait till another was open to me.

    Campbell asked if my wife would go with me. I quietly replied that she would go anywhere with me. Finally, on December 30th, we left Calcutta, and after a night in the train, embarked in one of the I. The steamers of those days, were not like the well-appointed mail boats now in use. The voyage was long, the steamers uncomfortable, and the company on board anything but desirable. All the same, the days passed pleasantly, while we slowly wended our way up the mighty river, amid lovely and interesting scenery all new to my wife, to whom I pointed out the different historic spots as they came in view.

    We halted at Gowhatty for the night, and early in the morning I swam across the river for the [ 3 ] second time in my life, a distance of about three miles, as the current carried me in a slanting direction. At last we reached Nigriting, and were landed on a dry sandbank five or six miles from the celebrated tea gardens of that name, and the nearest habitations. Fortunately, I had brought a tent and all things needful for a march; and my servants, well accustomed to camp life, soon pitched it and made us comfortable, and my wife was charmed with her first experience.

    We had a message of welcome from Mr. Boyle, of Nigriting Factory, and the next day went to his house in canoes, whence we set out for Golaghat. It was to Nigriting that I was carried for change of air nearly twelve years before, when, in April, , I was desperately wounded in an encounter with a large panther near Golaghat, where I had been stationed. I then lived for a week or so in a grass hut on a high bank, and the fresh air made my obstinate wounds begin to heal. Loading our things on elephants, and having a pony for my wife, and a dandy hill litter in case she grew tired, we set off for Golaghat, and had a picnic luncheon on the way.

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    How delightful are our first experiences of marching in India, even when we have, as in this case, to put up with some discomfort; the cool, crisp air in the morning; the good appetite that a ten-mile walk or ride gives; the feeling that breakfast has been [ 4 ] earned, and finally breakfast itself; and such a good one. Where indeed but in India could we have a first-rate meal of three or four courses, and every dish hot, with no better appliances in the shape of a fireplace, than two or three clods of earth?

    Often have I had a dinner fit for a king, when heavy rain had been falling for hours, and there was no shelter for my men, but a tree with a sheet thrown over a branch. As we passed some road coolies, I began a conversation with the old Tekla overseer in charge, and asked him if he could get me a few oranges. The old man gazed equally hard at me for a moment and then ran in front of me and made a most profound obeisance.