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Almost every Russian child had read these by the age of twelve—and read them more than once. I am sure the Soviet state approved these books because of their propaganda value. Put together, these three volumes could portray Americans as slave-owning destroyers of Native Americans, who are bigoted against Mexicans.

Racists, across the board, in other words. Instead of finding the disgusting evidence of prejudice and imperialism, though, young Russian readers tended to see the novels as ripping good yarns, so much so that their characters were inducted into public life:. There you have it. And, of course, independence would still be fresh on the minds of Americans when Cooper wrote "The Pioneers". Seeing a strong, heroic figure stand up for what's right rather than what's expedient would easily reverberate in the "national consciousness". I agree with Devon's post. I believe Natty represents all that people want to be, but can't be because of their lack of boldness.

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Most people cannot bring themselves to walk out on their families, kids, spouses and friends to just live on impulse;however, this does not mean those thoughts never cross peoples minds because they do. Natty was capable of living solely for himself and he was happy that way. He was a genuine person who cared and helped others, but at the end of the day enjoyed his solitude too much to create ties with others.

What does this say about society?

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It says that people follow a pattern in life. They grow up, go to college, get married, have a career,and raise a family. Most people don't question it. Society is programmed this way, however, characters like Natty give people ideas to think about and lots of "what if's" to contemplate and fantasize about, but never act upon. This is what makes Natty such a compelling and likeable character in my opinion. I have to agree with both Samantha and Devon on this one.

Natty is very much like Emerson in his utter disregard for all the things society pushes onto us- mainly, familial and financial obligations.

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However, like Emerson, Natty's lifestyle is somewhat obtainable, not only because most of us seem unable to avoid family and financial concerns , but mainly because he's a character from a completely different time, when life seemed a bit more free, or at least enabling of that kind of care free lifestyle. Another thing which I feel makes Natty Bumppo a compelling character is the fact that he was, ultimately, a good character, and perhaps the best character out of all of them.

Even when he was shunned and looked down on by the other members of society, he still reached out to them and helped them when they were in need in referrence to all of the lives he saved. He could easily have turned the other cheek and completely ignored those people who were against him, but instead he became the bigger man, with better morals and ethics than anyone else. Basically, for me Natty is a compelling character because of his strong sense of ethics, and the fact that he didn't seem to take anything personally, or at least, he didn't let it stop him from being the better person and acting on what he believed in.

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To me Natty was a man who always wanted to do the right thing. He just seems very genuine. While he doesn't want to be "stuck in one place" he still tries to keep a sort of order with everyone. He would be the first, if not one of the first, to come to the aid of others in need. While his name isn't really appealing, his character brings out the notion of "nothing is as what it appears. I think he represents a lot with the American-type.

He has a lot of the morals people hope for and uses his freedom in ways some people only wish they could.

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But, although Natty's character possesses these "great American ways," I don't feel he represents the American society. Natty's character is, however, someone people would want to look up to and maybe model themselves after.

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In my opinion, the most fascinating thing about Natty Bumppo is that even though he was a character created with all the Romantic ideals of Cooper's time, he can still relate to what is popular in today's society. There are multiple shows like Man vs.

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Wild that gush over a man's ability to survive in the wilderness alone. Well isn't that basically what Natty Bumppo is doing?


I agree with Sam when she says that he is living the life that many people wish they could be bold enough to live. While it might not be for everybody, it is clear that independence is important to people in the past, present, and will be in the future. Natty lives the life that he wants to live, and he refuses to give in to the opinions of the residents of Templeton.

Natty Bumppo

His ability to ignore what other people say about him is admirable and is certainly a reason why I felt so compelled by his character. American Romanticism In Action. Naturally, a conversation about American Romantic writers Thule Thule, On a Map In the prolific career that would follow, comprised of twenty-nine years of steady writing until his death in , Cooper would not create any more memorable character than Natty Bumppo. What is it about Natty Bumppo that makes him such a compelling character?