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She no longer writes for the Guardian - indeed she regards her split from the Guardian family as a painful divorce. But now, as the voice of rightwing moral outrage in the Daily Mail, she infuriates Guardian and Comment is free readers enough to feature in our debates. Phillips main thesis is that Britain is sleepwalking towards its own cultural immolation.

The Changing Scene in Londonistan

By turning a blind eye to the growing problem of Islamic militancy, the country's establishment encouraged "Londistan" to develop - the capital of Islamic militancy in Europe which threatens the free world. Interviewing Phillips for the Guardian, I agree she raises some interesting questions: have the security forces been too complacent in letting extreme Islamist cells flourish in London? Have we got the balance right between protecting the rights of minorities and the safety and culture of the majority?

I couldn't accept Phillips' main thesis, which is that "all society's institutions, such as schools, universities, churches, the media, the legal profession, the police and voluntary groups" have been "captured" by a cultural malaise, a decadent orthodoxy, which is fanning the flames of extremism.

The reason for the apparently back-to-front nature of the proscription was that al-Muhajiroun had officially disbanded itself in October , likely out of concerns of impending proscription at the time. The first two were banned soon after they were linked to protests at the Danish Embassy in London in February , which resulted in some individuals being prosecuted for inciting racial hatred.

The actual decision to ban al-Muhajiroun was surprisingly controversial.

UK police: Terror plot failed

The group had announced its intention to march through Wootton Bassett, a village that has become synonymous with British war dead due to the regular processions of coffins along the high street, and the public perception is that the ban was a reaction to this announcement. Regardless of the true reasons, the impact was minimal.

While extremists retired the al-Muhajiroun name and closed down its most widely known website, www.

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While to outsiders this might simply seem an extension of previous British policy of placating extremists so that they do not undertake violent actions in the United Kingdom, the truth is that British counterterrorism policy has moved far beyond this. The problem is that the threat has now evolved in a new direction.

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The New Londonistan. Unlike the s, today London is not a hub of openly jihadist international activity. The Finsbury Park Mosque is no longer a training ground and supply shop where terrorists can come and equip themselves with fake identification papers, currency and invitation letters to go to military training camps in Afghanistan. This has dulled one of the primary functions of Londonistan as a global threat: the United Kingdom is no longer an environment in which extremist ideologies can flourish and active recruiters can easily find individuals to rally to the cause.

Either way, the pools from which they might attempt to fish for recruits have been dried up to some extent.

What must be done to stop terror in Londonistan |

Previously, sessions organized by radical clerics would have provided fertile ground from which they might find excitable young men interested in graduating from vacuous preaching into physical violence. Phillips forces lazy liberals to examine whether they are making common cause with fundamentalists.

But her shrill, hectoring tone does her no favours.

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  • In her lexicon, human rights and multiculturalism are dirty words. While the rest of the world is gazing with awed envy at London's dynamism and asking if it has eclipsed New York as capital of the world, for Phillips, it is seemingly a place shot of self-confidence, beholden to the likes of George Galloway and about to be overrun by legions of suicide bombers. Everything is seen through the narrow prism of Tory press disgust. Phillips says piggy banks were banished from British banks in case Muslims were offended.

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