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Octopi species can vary in size from as small as half an inch to as large as 15 feet. Squid species range from two feet to as large as 60 feet. Observation of octopuses demonstrates that they are solitary creatures. A few squid species are also solitary but most live in groups, traveling the ocean in schools. The way that squid and octopuses catch and eat their prey is also different. Squid will hunt for fish and free swimming crustaceans, such as shrimp, and catch them with their two tentacles.

Eight arms, big brain: What makes cephalopods clever

They will then consume their prey by using a beak-like structure known as a radula at their mouth opening to cut into the prey. Many squid species hunt in groups and coordinate their movement to maximize their catch. Octopi are solitary hunters. They normally catch their prey on the ocean floor with their arms. They then inject the prey with a venom which paralyzes it.

Digestive enzymes are also introduced into the catch which begin to soften it up for ingestion by the octopus.

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  2. Scientific Name: Octopus spp.;
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And, unlike other mollusks, neither one has a shell. The octopus has a round head and eight arms that radiate from it like the spokes of a wheel. Both squids and octopuses have suckers on their arms, but the two extra tentacles on squids are equipped with specialized hooks and sucker rings with teeth attached. Interestingly, both have squirt ink and copper in their blood. Many believe squids are the much smaller kind.

Surprisingly, squids normally grow between 60 centimeters to nearly 20 meters long—although the smallest species of squid, the sepiolid, is under an inch long. Octopuses, on the other hand, only grow anywhere between 1 centimeter to 9 meters. Another key difference between squids and octopuses is their life expectancy. Considering their size, both have a pretty decent lifespan.

Squids normally live between 9 months to 5 years, while octopuses can survive anywhere between 1 to 3 years. Squids can be found in various areas of the open sea, from shallower waters to the darker depths of the ocean. On the other hand, octopuses prefer the seafloor level, whether it be shallow or deep waters.

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  • Due to their anatomical differences, their hunting techniques can vary. Octopus, on the other hand, stay on the seafloor and eat bottom-dwelling crustaceans, because their soft bodies make them vulnerable to predation. They grab, pierce, and inject poison into their prey to paralyze it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I found it humorous because I think that if I were to have to leave for awhile and my husband had to take over the household and kids by himself that he would end up just like Oscar.

    This was definitely a cute story that parents can relate to and that kids will really enjoy. I would recommend it and I would like to see more from this author. Oct 07, Stacie rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-books. When octopus, like Oscar, first came to sea, they only had two arms, like you and me.

    The rest of the story is told in rhyme and shares how Oscar met and fell in love with Sharky McGhee, a shark.

    2. Seriously clever

    Eventually Sharky and Oscar marry and are blessed with multiple versions of themselves and Oscar just doesn't seem to have enough arms to care for them. So, Sharky hatches a plan to get Oscar some help to handle all these babies. You will just have to read the book to find out what it is.

    I have had the book here for a few months, and in that time our daughter has read it several times. She shared with me how she really liked the book and that she likes that it features the daddy taking care of the babies. She IS a daddy's girl. The illustrations in the book look like colored drawings and are quite enjoyable, depicting mother Sharky and father Oscar in their daily routines. If you are looking for a children's book that depicts a happy marriage and a loving and devoted father as well as one that tells a cute story, this book is for you.

    Aug 11, Mason rated it it was amazing. Ever wonder how octopus came to have eight arms? Author Yvonne Arroyo answers that intriguing questions in her delightful tale about Oscar the Octopus. Oscar originally had only two arms and was quite happy.

    Then he meet the lovely Sharky McGhee. They were soon married in a fairy tale wedding and before long they were blessed with eight offspring. He has to make adjustments in order to keep up with Ever wonder how octopus came to have eight arms? He has to make adjustments in order to keep up with his demanding family life. Arroyo weaves a charming tale explaining why and how octopus came to have eight arms. This is a fun story to share with the entire family. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

    Dec 01, Sally Wolf rated it liked it. I have mixed feelings about this book. The concept of it is very endearing: a two legged octopus marries a shark and they have eight children. When the wife is called away on a family emergency, the octopus is left to take care of the children on his own. He is unable to do so and falls ill. The wife returns home and takes him to the hospital where they give him more arms.

    I liked this book up to the point where he goes to the hospital. He drinks some green fluid and then gets surgery to have th I have mixed feelings about this book. He drinks some green fluid and then gets surgery to have the other arms attached. This act of having surgery to alter your appearance did not seem right, even if it was for a good reason.

    I let my children read it and the younger ones thought it was great, while the older ones thought it was weird and were bothered by the surgery also. I would therefore only recommend this book to younger readers who do not have sensitive stomachs. I received this book as an early review copy for my honest review and I have given it. The opinions expressed herein are my own. Aug 24, Gayle Pace rated it really liked it. It is such an enjoyable read. The story has the child using his imagination to the fullest.

    It introduces sea animals to the child. The author used rhyming to add a little humor in telling the story of the troubles that Oscar Octopus goes through. He has only two arms and the child can use his imagination to discover how Oscar got six more. The book is beautifully illustrated and is quite colorful.

    Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

    Children love colors. A small child will have no trouble carrying this little book with them where ever they go. The cover can be wiped off, which is a definite plus with little grubby hands. I liked that the first page has a place for the child's name.

    13 Fascinating Facts About Octopuses that You Didn't Know - Octolab TV

    Overall this little children's book is wonderful. I loved the book. It's for the young and the young at heart. Just plain wonderful.

    Nov 12, Lauren Monsey Nagel rated it it was amazing Shelves: kids. I thought this book was a quite enjoyable to read. I also had the pleasure of reading it to four of my grandchildren a boy age 4 and a pair of 6 year old boys and a just turned 8 year old girl. I share their ages because I think it's something good if assorted ages of children enjoy having a book read to them, this one did that..

    This is the amusing tale of 2 different fish that meet up and fall in love. After their fun and romantic days of dating, they have a fairy tale wedding and soon after b I thought this book was a quite enjoyable to read. After their fun and romantic days of dating, they have a fairy tale wedding and soon after become parents of eight. The story is cleverly written in poem which is always fun for little ones but even the 8 year old was amused by the funny rhymes that told the story what happened that changed octopus for ever.

    This is a charming story of how the octopus got 8 arms. The writing is so clever and a delight to read for children and for their parents or grandparents as well. This is a story with a plot that is very endearing and will be a great gift this holiday.