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Family Matters By Parker Williams. Protecting Kai By J. Soul Weave By A. Reviews Write Review. Remember me on this computer. Sign in. Repeat Password. A silent cowboy, a virgin rich kid, broken boys, angst, a ranch, horses, and lots of hot sex. It felt like this book was made for me. But then there was that last quarter or so.

I'll get to that in a bit. First, the good stuff.

by Robert Prentice

I really liked the portrayal of ranch life in this book. Most often in cowboy MM, the actual hard work that goes in to running a ranch gets pushed to the back. But in this case, life on Chase's struggling homestead was front and centre. It added both charm and realism to the story. It also helped keep me interested during the slow beginning, while Chase and Elijah were still skirting around each other.

The audiobook was really good. This is my first listen by Hugh Bradley , and I was very impressed. The narration was well-paced, and the voices of the different characters fit very well. What I liked most was how Chase and Elijah built each other up, helping one another overcome their stumbling blocks. Chase teaches Elijah to have confidence in himself and his abilities. And Elijah shows Chase how to open his heart again. The journey was angst-filled, but it was so good. And then the author needlessly went over-board. I'll put this next part in spoilers. He could have transferred to a university closer to Chase, he could have visited during winter and summer breaks, or he could have chosen distance learning.

So many options, and these two chose separation and self-inflicted pain. That whole part of the book was absolutely disappointing. If I'm being honest, these 4 stars are more so for the first three quarters of the book. If I let myself get worked up about that last quarter, I'd drop this to 3 stars. Even so, I can say that 'Chase the Storm' was a good read, full of angst, hot lovin', and many feel-good moments.

The excellent audiobook made it even better. View all 17 comments.

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Sep 26, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: lgbtq , favorites. All the beautiful stars for this book This was so well written and I was totally immersed in the story Elijah is 19 and feels lost - not fitting in, following his parents path and finding no joy in his life. He takes a chance, buys and old truck and ventures on a road trip that takes him to the middle of nowhere. There he meets Chase and begins to work on his farm over summer to help him decide what might be next for him in his life.

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Chase is gruff and has a stone wall very All the beautiful stars for this book Chase is gruff and has a stone wall very heavily around his heart. After suffering a tragic loss he is clearly protecting himself from ever becoming part of another persons life - be it friend or lover. The beauty of Elijah however, was his persistence and compliance, something Chase struggled to manage.

Eventually after a very long slow burn these two connected and it was beautiful. Moments of joy until tears began to fall again. Three years passed The epilogue was lovely and I found some peace at the end of the book. These characters were extremely well written and created, no alpha male, not gritty dramas, just two nice guys trying to move forward and accept love. There was so much emotion in this book - so very well balanced. I think this will stick with me for a while.

It's not hot or steamy, it's just warm View all 6 comments. Oct 19, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: now-thats-hot , age-difference , asshole-hero , heartbreaking , angsty , enemies-to-lovers , insta-love , meh , wtf , gay-love. After reading all the raving reviews about this one, I figured this would be the perfect book for me.

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I was wrong. I can understand why so many people loved this story, I however felt angry and frustrated. Now beware because this review contains spoilers!!!!!!!! Elijah is 19 years old and feels lost.

Storm chasing

He feels like he doesn't belong. Not with his family and not at Harvard. He's also gay, but hasn't admitted it out loud to himself or anyone else. Figuring he needs a br After reading all the raving reviews about this one, I figured this would be the perfect book for me. Figuring he needs a break, he buys a beat up pick-up truck and hits the road, in search of himself Ofcourse his pick up breaks down in some small town in Nebraska and he is stranded.

Not wanting to give up and go home, he finds a job at a ranch, which also provides him room and board.

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This is how he meets Chase, the handsome cowboy owner of the ranch. He's a bit older then Elijah, I think 31 to Elijah's Elijah feels an instant attraction to Chase, which kind of puzzels me because Chase as an asshole to him right of the bat. But Elijah doesn't give up, the more Chase pushes him away the harder Elijah works to be on his good side.